The Art of Bookie Bashing

What would prevent this win-win situation from being achieved?:

• Be aware that this is very much dependent upon the relative odds of the selections with the bookies and on the exchanges.

Should the odds on a selection change dramatically between placing the first and second bets such that the differential is large and not in our favour, we could find ourselves in a lose-lose situation.

• We are very much in the hands of technology, especially on betting exchanges.

Should the technology fail between the placing of the first and second bets, money could very easily be lost.


• It is possible, using the above method, to bash the bookies, but it is, by no means, a forgone conclusion and, though unlikely, it is possible for losses to be incurred in attempting this. For this reason, it is recommended that you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

• The bookie’s terms and conditions need to be read and their implications well understood.

For example:

• Existing customers are excluded from the free bet offer.

• The customer’s own money must be put at risk before a free bet is credited to a customer’s account.

• The value of the free be cannot be withdrawn as cash and is not returned as part of a winning bet. i.e. the free bet cannot be withdrawn as cash.

• The free bet is one-time and cannot be re-used, even if the bet wins.

• There is a maximum placed upon free bet amounts.

• To qualify for some free bets, selections whose odds are evens or greater must be bet.

How to Prepare for Technology Failure

Evens and odds-on selections may not qualify for the free bet.

• The free bet is not made available immediately and is sometimes delayed by up to 24 hours.

• When laying off bets on a betting exchange, the smaller the difference between the back odds obtained from the bookie and the lay odds on the exchange, the better.

The ideal situation is when the lay odds are less than the bookies back odds.

• Before attempting to bash a bookie, it is suggested that several dry runs (no real money is involved) are conducted in order to determine if the method is both profitable and practical.

• Each bookie can only be bashed once and there are only so many bookies out there offering free bets.

Given this and the limited amount of money that could be won, is all this risk and effort really worth it?

If a free bet could be re-used if the previous bet won, then it would definitely be worth it.

But a free bet can be used once, and once only. And there’s the rub!

I hope that you are now aware what ‘Bookie Bashing’ is and how it is achieved.